M300 DFW

Sanitary napkins production line M300 DFW

The basic model of L.R Moroni range , allows the production of up to 350 pieces / minute.

The most significant features are:

  • Simplicity and essentiality of mechanical and electronic components.
  • Ease of use and maintenance.
  • Low cost with reduced amortization times as consequence

The M300 line allows to realize:

  • Sanitary napkins “Day” (with wings or without): lengths from 225 to 240 mm
  • Sanitary napkins “Night” (with wings or without): lengths from 270 mm to 280 mm
  • Sanitary napkins “Super Night” (with wings or without): lengths from 300 mm to 310 mm
  • Sanitary napkins “Postpartum”  : lengths from 310 mm to 330 mm
  • Panty shields: lengths from 150 to 180 mm

Sanitary napkins production line M500 DFW

Compared to the basic model M300 DFW, this line allows an increase in production up to 500 pieces / minute thanks to the use of axial unwinders and automatic transmission on the backsheet and topsheet reels.

The entire range of absorbents can be made with an absorbent part in Fluff (defibrated cellulose) or Airlaid.

Starting from the dimensions/characteristics of the required sanitary napkin , we can formulate various customized solutions able to satisfy the customer’s production needs.

M500 DFW